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About Me - Sara Goergen

Creative professional with many years of wardrobe consulting and interior/home influences. Providing the highest level of customized service possible to individual shoppers or businesses. Through personal attention and advanced knowledge of products, services, and trends. My resume includes Amp magazine, LModelz, and Nordstrom working with men, woman and children to develop a new look and a style to suit your everyday needs. My interior background includes revamping and flipping boring spaces and turning them into the image and luxury that suits your lifestyle.

I have a degree in fashion and have studied and worked throughout Chicago and Indianapolis. Lets Define the beauty of Fashion and Art.


You name it and we can provide it. With an experienced staff working around the clock, you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.


  • Overall wardrobe update 50.00/hr
  • Closet cleaning, 100.00
  • Online consulting, 250.00 a month
  • Press and commercial projects, 50.00/hr
  • Interior fix me up, one room, Rates are discussed after Free Consultation.
  • Overall wardrobe update and Online consulting for a month 400.00

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Established in 2014 after working in a corporate environment this is a business to change your life and become a better you without pushy sales.



Thank you so much for the party today.  I know you told me what to expect but I was really surprised by the personal attention that we received.  I also want you to know that prior to meeting you,  I was going to give up shopping at the Keystone location.  I wasn't going to quit shopping Nordstroms but just stop buying from the store.  Seriously, I was that annoyed.

Please pass along my thanks to all that helped (bistro, makeup, jo malone, stylists, etc.).  Also to the store manager, who's name I forgot (already)...let her know how awesome I think you are.   You are an wonderful stylist and you make shopping fun.

Thanks again,


"Whoa, I cant believe the response I got back from my new look you gave me. You are the best stylists ever - Traci"